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Deciding Whether to Buy a New or Used Wheelchair Van

Buying a wheelchair van is an important decision that requires tons of research and careful attention to detail. There are so many mobility vehicle options available that it can be difficult to try and pick out a handicap van that has what you need and is still within your price range. Fortunately, there are plenty of vehicles in a wide variety of price ranges so that people of all economic walks of life are able to buy a handicap accessible vehicle. You can choose to buy a new wheelchair accessible vehicle or a used one depending on your budget.

One of the factors that will play an important role in helping you decide whether to buy a new or used wheelchair van is your budget. You will need to sit down and examine your current economic situation and see how much you have available. If you are in debt or have a lot of expensive medical bills, your best option would be to go with a used handicap van, as these are the most cost effective. Used vans are certified through a variety of safety tests to ensure they are safe to be driven.

If you have a decent budget, you can get a new wheelchair van and get brand new equipment installed in it. This option is a bit more expensive since you will have to pay to have the vehicle converted, plus pay for the equipment and installation cost. Regardless of what type of vehicle you decide to purchase, you can find both new and used vehicles for sale through IMED Mobility. This company helps people with disabilities find the vehicle that will best suit their personality and disability needs.

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