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What Type of Wheelchair Van Mechanism Do You Want?

What types of wheelchair van technology is important to you?  You will notice as you begin shopping for a mobility vehicle that there are a large number of versions that you can buy.  Just consider all of the “conversions”, which transform your regular van into a mobility vehicle.  The goal of these conversions is to make the vehicle accessible—ideally without any strain or great effort.

Practically any vehicle could be entered and exited by a disabled person, but usually after great strain.  However, the goal with a wheelchair conversion is to make the experience effortless, perhaps even as simple as pushing a button.  What are the technologies you can pick from?

One of the most popular technologies in the wheelchair van is that of the ramp system, which merely comes out (either manually or by automatic function), and allows the disabled person to enter and exit with a wheelchair.  (Issues important in this case are driver and passenger space, and flexible seating.)

However, there are also designs that allow a motorist to lift the entire wheelchair (or scooter) and put it into the van automatically.  Some of these designs are obviously made for specific family instances; for example, a handicap vehicle in which a husband drives a disabled wife might be very different from a wheelchair van driven exclusively by a disabled person.

The best thing to do is to get together with a dealer representative and then test drive a vehicle to get a first hand lesson on how these lifts and ramps work.  Here at IMED Mobility we are eager to give you a test drive and match you up with the new age mobility van you’ve been dreaming about!  Contact us to make an appointment today.  We have locations in Minnesota and South Dakota and are waiting for your call.

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