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Wheelchair Vans, Handicap Vans with Driving Aids

Hand Controls for Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

Hand Controls
IMED Mobility hand controls have been engineered to require very little hand strength for proper operation. Since our hand controls have a unique features, operators of each hand control will have more control when driving.

Foot Controls for Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Vans

Foot Controls
As an industry leader in the mobility vehicle segment, IMED Mobility offers many different makes and models of foot controls for people with disabilities. Our foot driving aids were designed to be affordable but effective. Talk to the staff at IMED Moibility about the different foot control equipment we have available for accessible vehicles.

Steering Wheel Attachments for Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Vans

Steering Wheel Attachments
IMED Mobility can add a personal touch to the assortment of steering wheel attachments we sell. Almost anyone's personal needs can be met with the right steering wheel attachment, accessible minivan, and the technicians at MED Mobility in Minnesota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Operating Handles for Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

Operating Handles
IMED Mobility operating handles make it realistic to operate automotive functions with a physical limitation. Our perating handles for vehicles come in countless types. People near Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Little Rock, or Omaha should stop or call our experts for more information on the operating handles we sell.

Primary Controls for Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Vans

Primary Controls
Primary controls from IMED Mobility are completely electronic handicap driving aids that control the primary functions of the vehicle. These can inclued steering, gas, brake, shifting gears, and more.

Secondary Controls for Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

Secondary Controls
Secondary Controls manage all other electro-mechanical functions on the accessible vehicle from IMED Mobility. This includes features like such as lights, wipers, shift, etc.. IMED Mobility has several experts who can answer questions on secondary controls.