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Harmar Home Stairlifts and Outdoor Stairlifts

SL350AC - Indoor AC Straight Stairlift

Harmar SL350 Straight Rail Stairlift
The Harmar SL350AC is simple, reliable and offers solutions for shorter, straight stairways. The lift comes pre-installed on the durable aluminum track and installs quickly into your stairway with minimal modifications.

SL350OD - Outdoor Stairlift

Harmar SL350 Outdoor Stairlift
The SL350OD is the outdoor stairlift offered by Harmar. The weather-proofed engineering make this stairlift capable of performing reliably and standing up to the elements. This lift comes standard with marine grade vinyl and a larger weather-proof cover.

SL400 - Vantage Straight Stairlift

Harmar SL400 Straight Rail Stairlift
The SL400 Vantage Stairlift is the solution for the cost-conscious users. Harmar has engineered this lift to perform reliably, install quickly and offer an affordable soultion to staircase accessible needs.

CSL500 - Helix Curved Stairlift

Harmar Curved Stairlifts
The CSL500 is the most versatile stairlift offered by Harmar. This lift can accomodate 90-degree, 180-degree and even spiral staircases and is designed to keep a low profile so even narrow stairways are not obstructed after installation.

SL600 - Pinnacle Premium Stairlift

Harmar Pinnavle Premium Straight Stairlifts
Harmar's SL600 Pinnacle is the lightest, most space-efficient stairlift on the market today. Although it's designed to take up less space, this lift is still rated for a 350lb capacity.

SL600HD - Pinnacle Heavy Duty Stairlift

Harmar Pinnacle Heavy Duty Straight Stairlifts
Harmar's SL600HD is the industry leader in stairlifts with a 600lb capacity. The HD stairlift offers all the ammenities of the SL600, with the Heavy Duty capacity to accomodate users who need the extra strength.