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2018 VMI Ricon Transfer Seats

Six Way Transfer Seat

Vantage Mobility International recognizes the unique needs of each disabled individual, and IMED Mobility knows that it sometimes takes a unique handicap seat for a wheelchair accessible van to meet those needs. The Ricon Power Transfer Seat for wheelchair accessible vans actually swivels up to 90 degrees with the touch of a button. Six way operation means making adjustments up, down, forward, back, and rotating left and right. This turning action makes it safe and simple to move from a wheelchair into the passenger or driver seat. Talk to an IMED Mobility employee to learn more about how the Ricon Power Transfer Seat is unmatched in its disability access.

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VMI Ricon Handicap Transfer Seat

The power of flexibility is yours: the Ricon Power Transfer Seat from VMI is a pure example of innovative technology that picked up where others have left off. The Ricon Power Transfer Seat has some unique advantages over competing models, and integrates seamlessly with the full line of VMI wheelchair van conversions. Fingertip controls, independent functions, and completely automatic rotation are a few of the features that set this mobility product apart.

VMI Ricon Handicap Transfer Seat

  • Length - 36.25"
  • Width - 16.31"
  • Height, Highest Position - 15.5"
  • Height, Lowest Position - 6.25"
  • Vertical Travel - 9.25"
  • Forward Reverse Travel - 13.6"
  • Swivel - 172 Degrees
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