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Harmar Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

Outside Lift Models

Harmar Outside Scooter Lifts
Harmar outside scooter and wheelchair lifts from IMED Mobility enable our customers to go where they want, when they want. Outside lifts are attached to the vehicle by a hitch mount. These lifting devices consist of an actuator and platform that secures and transports a scooter, manual wheel chair, or power wheelchair. Contact our helpful staff in Minnesota and South Dakota for more information about Harmar outside lifts.

Inside Lift Models

Harmar Inside Scooter Lifts
Harmar inside wheelchair and scooter lifts from IMED Mobility protect scooters, power chairs, and manual wheelahcirs inside the cargo area of a vehicle. This secure transportation typically maintains the third row seating, depending on the application. There are many options to choose from. IMED Mobility can help select between single inside axis to triple inside axis lifts. Weight capacity ranges from 200-400 pounds. For help selecting Harmar inside lifts, contact us today.

Hybrid Lift Models

Harmar Hybrid Scooter Lifts
Hybrid scooter and wheelchair lifts from Harmar are mounted in the automobile cargo area. They are designed to move out and down, making it possible to safely load the lift platform while it is on the ground. Once secured, the personal mobility device is loaded into the vehicle automatically. The big advantage of a hybrid lift is that it reduces variables that are often present with inclement weather. Ask IMED Mobility about installing one of these transport lifts into a SUV, minivan, full size van, and some crossover vehicles.

Micro Lift Models

Harmar Micro Scooter Lifts
Consider a lightweight and low profile Harmar micro lift from IMED Mobility for compact vehicles. These innovative scooter and wheelchair lifts offer a lower profile for better visibility. Since they are so lightweight, they can also save on fuel expenses and improve efficiency. To see if one of these mobility transport lifts is right for your situation, talk to one of our experts.

Truck Lift Models

Harmar Truck Scooter Lift
A truck wheelchair or scooter lift demands additional lifting height. Harmar truck lifts from IMED Mobility are powerful and flexible. They can unload and unload a personal mobility device from the driver or passenger side, as well as tailgate or curbside. A Harmar truck lift will also work with standard or extended cabs. A variety of features makes it possible to accomodate multiple truck bed and cab sizes.