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Harmar Outside Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

AL160 Profile Scooter Lift

Harmar AL160 Scooter Lifts
The AL160 works for almost all 4 wheel scooters with wheelbases up to 42". It also accommodates 3 wheel scooters with wheelbases between 30" and 42". The lifting capacity is 350 pounds, and it requires a Class I hitch or greater.

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Harmar AL100 Scooter Lifts

The AL100 features a lightweight aluminum deck. It will accommodate scooters up to 42" long and 350 lbs. This scooter lift requires a Class II or greater hitch.

AL300 Fusion Lift

Harmar AL300 Fusion Lifts
Able to carry virtually all scooters and power chairs, the AL 300 features a strong and light aluminum deck and 350 pound capacity. This fusion lift requires a Class II or Class III hitch.

AL300RV RV Lift

Harmar AL300 RV Scooter Lifts
The AL300RV was is designed and built specifically for RVs and campers. It will work with almost all power wheelchairs and scooter models. It has a manual crank backup, and can work with a variety of hitch heights. Class III or greater hitch is required.

AL301XL Fusion Lift - Extra Large

Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lifts
The AL301XL is perfect for large power chairs and scooters due to its unique design. It has Q'Straint retractors for securing the personal mobility device. Requires a Class III or greater hitch.

AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift

Harmar AL500 Scooter Lifts
The AL500 universal power chair lift is the most popular outside mobility platform lift in the world. It is easy to operate, and built for years of trouble free use. Requires Class II or Class III lift.

AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair

Harmar AL560 Power Chair Lifts
The AL560 offers quick and automatic wheelchair securement, and does not require additional modifications to the chair itself. Securement is provided with a padded hold-down arm. This power chair lift works with almost any device weighting up to 350 lbs.

AL560XL Automatic Extra Large Power Chair Lift

Harmar AL560XL Power Chair Lifts
The AL560XL has the same features as the standard 560. However, it is designed to work with even larger power wheelchairs due to the extra wide adjustable platform. This lift platform folds out of the way when not in use.

AL570 Outside Lift for Power Chairs

Harmar AL570 Power Chair Lifts
The AL570 power chair lift is compact, lightweight, and automatic. It is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of electric wheelchairs. Class II hitch adapter comes standard, and a Class II hitch upgrade is available.

AL570XL Extra Large Outside Lift for Power Chairs

Harmar AL570XL Power Chair Lifts
The AL570XL features unique power chair securement that offers the fastest and most secure system on the market. It is compatible with a Class II or Class III hitch.

AL580 Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift

Harmar AL580 Wheelchair Lifts
The AL580 is the lightest wheelchair lift solution on the market, and has more options than other competing models. It features a low profile for better visibility. Easy operation with no straps or tie-downs are required.

AL580XL Extra Large Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift

Harmar AL580XL Power Wheelchair Lifts
The AL580XL has the same features as the standard lift model, but has been made specifically for larger wheelchairs. Class III hitch class is required, contact IMED Mobility for help selecting the right model.

AL585SEL Front Wheel Drive Power Chair Lift

Harmar AL585SEL Power Chair Lifts
The AL585SEL has been created specifically for front wheel drive power chairs. The drive on, drive off platform is made for driver's side docking only. Class II or Class III hitch required.

AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift

Harmar AL100HD Scooter Lifts
The AL100 scooter lift features a 400 lbs capacity for heavier scooters. Securement is provided through an automatic hold down foot. It will work with most scooters with wheelbases up to 42" and requires a Class II or III hitch.

AL300HD Heavy Duty Fusion Lift

Harmar AL300HD Fusion Lifts
The AL300HD features a heavy duty weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. This fusion lift works with most powerchairs and scooter models, and does not require modifications to the device itself. Requires Class II or III hitch.

AL301XLHD Extra Large Heavy Duty Fusion Lift

Harmar AL301XLHD Fusion Lifts
The AL301XLHD has a heavy duty 400 lbs weight capacity and an extra large aluminum platform to accommodate larger wheelchairs and scooters. A Class III hitch is required, and additional drop adapter upgrades are available.

AL585SS Front Wheel Drive Power Chair Lift

Harmar AL585SS Power Chair Lifts
The L585SS features a drive on, drive off platform that automatically folds when not in use. It has keyed, one switch operation for stowing and unloading the power chair. Class II or III hitch is required.

AL500HD Front Wheel Drive Power Chair Lift

Harmar AL500HD Power Chair Lifts
The AL500HD power wheelchair lift from IMED Mobility has a heavy duty 400 lbs lifting capacity. 3 year transferable warranty comes standard.

AL-ZX1 Outside Lift For ZX1 Scooter

Harmar AL-ZX1 Scooter Lifts
The AL-ZX1 is engineered specifically for the ZX1 mobility scooter. It features good rear view visibility, automatic securement, and a lightweight platform. One button operation and an easy load-on design make this a great choice for individuals with this specific scooter model.