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Harmar Truck Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

AL215 Axis I Single Axis Inside Lift

Harmar AL215 Scooter Lifts
The AL215 is efficient and economical, and it is the perfect solution for transporting small, lightweight power chairs and scooters. Up and down action is automatic, with manual swinging action.

AL225 Axis II 2 Axis Inside Lift

Harmar AL225 Scooter Lifts
The AL225 is built for lighter power wheelchairs and scooters. It features power lifting and rotation, making loading and unloading a personal mobility device effortless.

AL425 Axis II 2 Axis Inside Lift

Harmar AL425 Scooter Lifts
The AL425 features fully powered lifting and rotation for effortless transportation of a wheelchair or scooter. This lift has a 400 lbs lifting capacity.

AL425HD Axis II 2 Axis Inside Heavy Duty Lift

Harmar AL425HD Scooter Lifts
The AL425HD is a heavy duty version of one of our popular lifts. It has a 450 lbs lifting capacity, and is ideal for pick up trucks and full size vans. An offset post allows for side loading in a pick up truck bed.

AL435 Axis III 3 Axis Inside Lift

Harmar AL435 Scooter Lifts
The AL435 truck lift is able to lift and store the largest power chairs and scooters. It is very versatile and flexible, and is easily adaptable to most pick-up truck models.

AL825 Pickup 225 Speed

Harmar AL825 Scooter Lifts
The AL825 is a great solution for people who do not need a heavy duty lifting capacity but would like faster loading and unloading. This model can deliver the chair near the driver or passenger door.

AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed

Harmar AL815CC Scooter Lifts
The AL815CC offers power lifting and storing with a faster load time than similar models. This model can mount on either side of the truck, delivering the chair near the passenger or driver door.

AL835 Pickup 350 Heavy Duty

Harmar AL835 Scooter Lifts
The AL835 has an anti-rotation strap to reduce the risk of swing or dangerous movement during the loading or unloading of a heavy wheelchair. It has a lifting capacity of 350 pounds. A docking device is included.

AL825CC Crew Cab 225 Heavy Duty

Harmar AL825CC Scooter Lifts
The AL825CC features a longer arm for crew cab trucks. This model works with virtually all power wheelchair and scooter models for easy and safe loading into a pickup truck bed.

AL435T Tailgater 3 Axis Truck Lift

Harmar AL435T Scooter Lifts
The AL435T is made for tailgate loading and unloading of a power chair or scooter. It also works in curb side applications. It also includes a weather resistant finish to prevent wear and tear in inclement weather.