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Adapt Solutions POWER-PULL


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The POWER-PULL is designed to help a wheelchair up the ramp of a lowered floor minivan. Pick up the POWER-PULL hooks and position the wheelchair in front of the ramp. Place the hooks on the wheelchair and then press and hold the IN button. It's as simple as that!

Because there are so many factors that can increased the difficulty in wheeling up or down the ramp of a converted vehicle, a simplified assistive device can offer that little extra needed help. With the ease of a wireless remote, and because the POWER-PULL can be reached from outside the vehicle, independence becomes within reach.

The POWER-PULL is available for both a side entry lowered floor minivan or for a rear entry lowered floor minivan conversion. The unit comes with two wireless/keychain remotes with IN, OUT and RELEASE buttons. The RELEASE button allows the cable to unwind freely making positioning and adjustments that much easier.

Adapt Solutions POWER-PULL

The POWER-PULL has a 350 lbs maximum capacity and has 15 feet of stainless steel cable. The POWER-PULL unit is 6 inches high by 9 inches wide by 12 inches long.

With an innovative clutch system, the POWER-PULL holds tension under all circumstances. The cable is retractable and auto locking and therefore will not unravel or get tangled up. The POWER-PULL always pulls in any slack cable. A breaker system prevents you from being pulled over the side of the ramp if the wheelchair is not going up the ramp straight. This breaker system resets in only a few seconds, allowing you to reposition yourself, all the while, the POWER-PULL cable is still holding you in place on the ramp.

Up and off the floor, the POWER-PULL doesn't take up precious manoeuvring space inside your vehicle. The installation varies, depending on what vehicle it is in, but the unit itself is fastened either under or behind the third row bench in a side entry lowered floor minivan; or between the two front seats in a rear entry lowered floor minivan.

While exiting the vehicle, the POWER-PULL can be used to provide steady tension to help you back down the ramp. In the event that your wheelchair stops its descent because it is hooked on the ramp, the unique clutch system disengages the motor even if the OUT button is being held. This means that when the wheelchair is straightened out, there is no slack in the cable, therefore, no uncontrolled rolling back down the ramp. Once the wheelchair is repositioned, it resumes normal operation.

The RELEASE button removes all tension on the cable. This way you don't need to wait for the cable to unroll. Simply pull the hooks to where you need them. No need to worry though, the RELEASE button also has a safety on it. It will not release the cable if the POWER-PULL is in use.

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