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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

IMED Mobility - Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Arkansas

Read our testimonials on wheelchair vans and handicap vehicles. IMED Mobility has received glowing recommendations from clients who have been satisfied with our handicap vans. Check it out for yourself.

Curtis S.

"Steve was the best salesman I've met at IMED Mobility. Courteous and Friendly, he does you proud. I'll be back if he is your representative! Thank you Steve! "

Norm & Wilma V.

"My husband, Norm, was diagnosed with Lewy body 2 years ago. Since he was Vietnam Veteran he applied for compensation for the Parkinson part of Lewy body because of Agent Orange. He has been evaluated again in May of 2012 and was labeled 100% disabled and he now qualified for a vehicle. My daughter looked on the internet and found your website and I, Norm's wife, went down to Tea, S.D. to see what could be done. Jon helped a ton with paperwork and now we are the proud owners of a Dodge Grand Caravan. Took my husband out for a ride today, November 15, and he was full of smiles. He talks very little anymore and also cannot walk by himself without help, so smiles tell us how he feels."

Jim K.

"Transferring to the manual rear entry seat has saved me a lot of time and frustration. I was previously using a Bruno turny seat and lift. The time spent transferring to the seat was becoming too great and there were times when the seat would breakdown and be stuck outside the van. We converted our Toyota Sienna and added the Viewpoint rear entry conversion, It's brought peace of mind knowing that the conversion will not breakdown and the time saved has been tremendous. I've gone from needing 10-15 minutes to get into the van to about 2 minutes, as I no longer have to transfer out of my chair into a seat."

Richard M.

"We purchased a new Town & Country van converted to an Entervan thru Peter, and we must say, it was the best experience ever! Peter and his lovely wife drove from Dakota to New Jersey so we would have it when we wanted it!!! Peter called me every step of the way, we were never in the dark about anything about this transaction. We even were in the loop while they were driving here! It has been a wonderful experience, and we highly recommend IMED Mobility, no matter where you are in the USA! We needed our vehicle on a certain day, and Peter promised we would have it, and he made it happen. We can not say enough wonderful things about this company and Peter specifically. We certainly would do another purchase with them, when the time comes, and will tell others as well. We looked locally and no one could do what Peter did for us, made it a breeze! This is the first major purchase we made online, and would do it again. Thank you IMED Mobility of South Dakota and specifically Peter and your lovely wife. You have given me my life back, now I have the mobility I once had, but lost because I could not get into the car without the Wheelchair!!!! thnx again, Peter and IMED Mobility of South Dakota."

Jim G.

"We were ready for a newer van, but weren't rushing into buying since we already had a handicap van. We were pre-approved for the loan, and knew how much we were able to spend. We spent about 3 months shopping at dealers, online and over the phone. We had high expectations, and were a little nervous about buying online, without first seeing the van. IMED Mobility had the van we were considering, in the price range we needed. Pete was professional and reassuring over the phone, and we spoke with him probably 10 times (at least). He was also able to arrange for our van to be serviced in our local area. We have been very happy with our van so far. We did have problems with the local dealers who complained about us not purchasing from them and were pretty rude. From what we could tell, these dealers only would have brought the van to our area from another dealer (like MS&R), and charged us another $1500. We felt like we had spent the time and done the leg work and did not need a middleman, and we had given all of the local dealers the opportunity to sell us a van at our price, but none of them could. MS&R did and we bought it."

Doug E.

"I needed information for my father who recently became disabled. We were not real excited about purchasing over the internet. IMED Mobility impressed us to the point we felt very confident. It took only two phone calls and we were convinced we had made the right decision. All phases of our transaction were executed flawlessly. We would definitely buy again. Thank You IMED Mobility."

Bill S.

"The guys we were in contact with were very helpful. Assured our questions were answered and made me feel comfortable in buying over the internet. This was my first purchase that I have ever made over the internet."

David E.

"Even though we only live 100 miles from the dealer, we did not know of the dealer until we saw the ad on the internet. I could not visit any dealers because I could not get in a car or van so the internet advertising was just the thing for me."

Bill K.

"I sent out 5 emails and IMED Mobility was the first of 2 to respond. Elizabeth answered questions better than people that had been in the industry for years. She worked very hard to find the van we wanted and that worked with our bank."