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VMI Northstar E 2018 Dodge Wheelchair Vans, Accessible Vans and Handicap Vans

Grand Caravan VMI Northstar E Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Vans

Dodge Northstar

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The Northstar E is VMI's most affordable wheelchair van and the first VMI vehicle tailored specifically to the needs of wheelchair users with caregivers. It is the only caregiver vehicle to offer front-seat wheelchair access, a manual in-floor ramp that requires no bending or lifting, and seating for up to seven passengers.

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VMI Dodge Grand Caravan with a Northstar E Conversion

  • VMI's patent-pending Northstar E conversion ramp is stowed under the floor, creating more interior room, a quieter ride and less dirt and debris in the interior.
  • Ramp slides out from beneath the floor, permitting passengers to enter and exit without deploying the ramp.
  • Ramp is stored under the floor for increased safety within the mobility van in the event of a collision.
  • Caregivers of any size or age can easily deploy and replace the ramp with little effort and no bending.
  • Ramp has a wide usable area and an 800-pound weight capacity to accommodate large wheelchairs.
  • Single and double flip-up mid-row seats match OEM interior and provide multiple seating options.
  • The front-passenger floor is free of obstacles to accommodate wheelchairs of almost any size.
  • Single and double flip-up mid-row seats match OEM interior and provide multiple seating options.
  • Unobstructed, 55-inch high doorway is suitable for most wheelchair users.
  • 11-inch dropped floor provides ample headroom throughout the vehicle.
  • Factory-quality styling and color-match tie together flooring, molding and finishes for pleasing aesthetics.
  • Engineered to minimize interior noise with extensive use of sound-deadening materials.
  • High ground clearance reduces scraping caused by speed bumps, crested pavement or dips.
  • All VMI conversion floors are E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention.
  • Limited Time Offer For Affordable Accessible Van Conversion

VMI Dodge Grand Caravan with a Northstar E Conversion

  • Wheelbase - 121 inches
  • Overall Height - 73
  • Maximum Floor Drop - 11 inches
  • Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (exhaust) - 6.5 inches
  • Door Opening Width - 30.8 inches
  • Usable Ramp Width - 30 inches
  • Ramp Angle with PowerKneel on (curb weight) - N/A
  • OOverall Floor Length - 86 inches
  • Floor Width at B Pillar - 60 inches
  • Floor Width Mid Row Seat Folded Down - 37 inches single; 22.5 inches double
  • Weight of Mid Row Seat - 77 LBS single; 108 LBS double
  • Interior Height at Driver Position - 58 inches w/o sunroof; 55.5 inches w/ sunroof
  • Cargo Area/Seat Up - 11.5 cubic feet
  • Overall Length - 201 inches
  • Overall Width - 77 inches
  • Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (ground effects) - 5.5 inches
  • Door Opening Height - 55.1 inches
  • Ramp Length (angle ramp and transition plate) - 59.4 inches
  • Ramp Capacity - 800 pounds
  • Ramp Angle with PowerKneel off (curb weight) - 11.5 degrees
  • Length from Back of Seat Bases to Kickplate - 58.25 inches
  • Floor Width Mid Row Seat Folded Up - 49 inches
  • Floor Width Without Mid Row Seat - 66.5 inches
  • Interior Height at Center Position - 57.63 inches
  • Interior Height at Passenger Position - 58 inches (w/o sunroof)
  • Average Payload (Northstar E on Dodge SE) - 1225 LBS no seat; 1153 LBS single; 1117 LBS double

VMI Dodge Grand Caravan Northstar E Video

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