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Braun 2019 Honda Wheelchair Vans

Honda Odyssey Entervan Conversion

Honda Odyssey - Braun Entervan Conversion
BraunAbility has been leading innovation for accessible vehicles for decades, which is why IMED Mobility was thrilled when they announced a Honda Odyssey that was modified with their legendary Braun Entervan. This handicapped van conversion delivers everything disabled consumers have come to expect from Braun, plus the fit and finish of a Honda Odyssey.

Honda Odyssey - Braun Entervan Conversion

Honda Odyssey Vision Rear Entry Wheelchair Van

Honda Vision Rear Entry Wheelchair Van
Many IMED Mobility customers prefer a rear entry wheelchair accessible van, especially young families with a disabled child or situations where an attendant will be available. BraunAbility has delivered with their own rear-entry handicap van conversion. These wheelchair vans feature a manual ramp and rear door, as well as multiple family friendly seating configurations.

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