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2018 VMI Northstar E360 Wheelchair Van

Toyota Sienna Manual In-Floor Ramp Van

Toyota Northstar E360

The Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar E360 wheelchair van features a manual in-floor ramp. This affordable accessible vehicle from IMED Mobility is the perfect solution for families or caregivers who are looking for a budget friendly solution to wheelchair transportation. The manual ramp in these accessible van conversions has a user-friendly handle and glides smoothly from under the floor. This means the doorway is clear for ambulatory passengers. It also maximizes the interior space within the mobility vehicle. Contact IMED Mobility for more information today!

View Toyota Northstar E360 Wheelchair Vans Brochure

Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar E360 Handicap Accessible Van

  • Manual In-Floor Wheelchair Ramp
  • NEW - Access360 design allows for more flexibility and ease of use
  • Obstruction-free doorway allows easy entry/exit for able-bodied passengers
  • Clean, uncluttered handicapped vehicle interior
  • Greater safety in the event of a collision
  • Less dirt and debris from in-floor ramp into wheelchair accessible vehicle interior
  • Wider usable accessible wheelchair ramp surface
  • No interference with factory seats or controls
  • Full use of front passenger seat
  • Obstacle-free front row floor
  • Ramp stowed safely under floor in the event of a collision
  • Commercial and Power In-Floor Conversions Also Available

Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar E360

  • Door opening height - 57.3"
  • Door opening width - 30"
  • Interior height at center position - 61"
  • Interior height at driver/passenger position - 61" w/o sunroof and 59.1" w/sunroof
  • Length (from back of seat bases to kickplate) - 65.5"
  • Overall floor length - 94.5"
  • Floor width at B pillar - 58.8"
  • Ramp length (angled ramp and transition plate) - 60"
  • Usable ramp width - 30"
  • Ramp capacity - 800 lbs

VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar

VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar - Customer Testimonial

During a recent focus group, we took the new VMI Toyota Sienna Northstar and compared it to the leading competitor's Toyota wheelchair accessible van conversion. Hear what a long time wheelchair van user has to say...

The New VMI Northstar Access360 Conversion On The Toyota Sienna

This wheelchair van was designed and refined to provide maximum access at an affordable price. Call IMED Mobility today for more information about this wheelchair accessible van which has the most whee...
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